Rivke Gardner


Your REALationship. Real Tools. Real Connection

A powerful and effective 6 week transformation to deeper connection and happiness in your marriage.

Hear it from women who’ve experienced the shift:

I am really enjoying your course. I listened to each lesson 3 times. You are giving us amazing information, tools and skills we could acquire to be a better and probably even more pleasant person to be around! I look forward to continue learning with you!  Thank you again for this special opportunity.

I want to thank you for the lessons you gave so far. I feel like you are in my life and you know exactly what my issues are. My perspective really changed a lot.

I have been having a rough time with certain aspects of life and through a lot of siyatta dishmaya I have overcome lots of hurdles. Bhashgacha, I was referred to your course. I am eternally grateful.

I am really enjoying the lectures. It’s really clear and amazing. I’m hoping to gain more with giving space to my husband and understanding his needs and feelings because that is my weak point

Just wanted to say that the release your judgement exercise is really WOOOOOOOW! Really helps hold space for his view on something.

I am amazed how well the tools work when I sit down with a pen and even subconsciously as I go through my day 


There are 6 live teleconference classes, each one 1 hr and 15 minutes, with lots of live interaction

To get the maximum benefit and have the most fun I would highly recommend that you join live so that you can participate and ask your questions.  However, there will be recordings which you will gain a lot from as well!

You may have reached our for help with your marriage, taken courses and read books.  You may have been advised the following: “You’ve have to respect your husband .You need to accept him.

But How? How do you reach a place of authentic respect and acceptance? How do you let go of judgment? Fears? Resentment? How do you reconnect and repair the damage and hurt?

In this course we peel the layers and work on the core feelings so that we can reconnect in a truly authentic way.

Yes, You can reach out to me to set up a free initial consultation by emailing [email protected]