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one on one coaching

Are you wishing for something MORE in your marriage? More connection, more support, more love?

Are you overwhelmed?  Do you sometimes feel like you are buried under mountains of resentment?

Are you feeling like your needs are NOT being met? Are you feeling lonely and hurt.?

1-1 coaching is a tailor made approach to unravel  the negativity you are carrying, find inner peace  and move towards your ideal marriage experience

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Offered only a few times a year, this powerful and effective 12-week program creates transformation to deeper connection and happiness in your marriage.

Do you sometimes feel ambivalent, lonely, disappointed, resentful, conflicted, stressed or overwhelmed in your Marriage? or just want to make a good marriage even better?

Join me for this transformational Journey to a Marriage where you feel Supported, Loved, Connected, Fortunate, Passionate and Playful!

I don’t just give you the Roadmap; I walk with you down the road. 

I don’t just teach you the Tools; you experience the powerful shift.

You are not traveling on your own, you have a Guide leading and a Team supporting you along the way.
Get the support you need to have the amazing marriage you would love to have now and for the rest of your life!


Hi, I'm Rivke

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Years ago, as an idealistic newlywed, I set out into the uncharted territory called marriage. I thought I knew what it would take to be the “perfect” wife and create the “perfect” marriage.

It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t working- I felt overwhelmed and distressed, and didn’t know what I had to do to create a marriage that was deeply connected, supportive, passionate, and fulfilling.

I set out on a quest to MASTER MY MARRIAGE. I spent 18 years learning everything I could about marriage success, taking extensive training courses, becoming certified as a Mastery coach, and discovering what REALLY works!

It pained me that people were struggling and didn’t have the knowledge of how to change their situation. After testing different ideas in my marriage and in the marriages of my clients, and after identifying the tools that equip women to strengthen their marriages and reduce stress in a quick and powerful way, it has become my mission to make sure everyone learns these little known and very impactful tools and techniques that can turn a marriage from lonely and painful to deeply connected and loving. I am committed to giving women the knowledge, tools and support they need to transform their marriages for real.



I had really believed my marriage was a hopeless cause. My husband and I found each other to be so irritating, annoying, disappointing... Rivke shares tools and techniques to help rethink and reshape our marriages.Step by step, through working on and focusing on myself, not my husband, I was slowly able to change the pattern. It might take two to tango, but takes just one to alter a negative dynamic. My moves changed me, internally, and as a ripple effect, my marriage.

Sara W

" This is not a "tips and techniques" class. The knowledge and insight this workshop gives gets to the core of our issues, straightens our thinking, and creates change from the inside out. It is an incredible journey!"

Chani C

“Rivke’s group coaching gave me the insights into my own personal struggles and the tools to deal with them in a highly personalized way. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions presented, just very good, practical exercises for healing and renewal. Rivke was able to help me move beyond blaming and shame to a place of acceptance and love. The work we have done has been transformative both in my marriage and in the way I relate to myself.”

Chaya S